Cities Reducing Poverty Summit: A Catalyst for Community-level Change

The 2017 Cities Reducing Poverty Summit: When Business is Engaged event, hosted by the City of Hamilton, is fast approaching and I can barely contain my excitement that this event is literally happening in our backyard. We’ve got a significant contingent going this year and I look forward to sharing this inspiring learning opportunity with my members and volunteers.

The Halton Poverty Roundtable (HPRT) is five years old this year. As the longest serving staff of this collective impact movement, I have had the privilege of witnessing close up, the evolution of our work, the growing community engagement, and the true power of collaboration to amplify our ability to address some of the root causes of poverty. Our membership in Tamarack’s Cities Reducing Poverty network is a vital lifeline to best practices, deeper learning opportunities in collective impact, and is, frankly speaking, one of the most generous networks I’ve ever been a part of.