Cities Reducing Poverty Charter

What is the Cities Reducing Poverty Learning Community?

In April 2011, Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement invited nine cities and a small number of provincial and national network representatives to a meeting in Kitchener to discuss the power and potential of developing a learning network of cities collaborating together to reduce poverty. The cities included 5 Vibrant Communities partners and 4 other cities/regions with collaborative roundtables. At the conclusion of the meeting, the nine cities and regional partners returned to their communities, shared the results of the discussions and formally affirmed their commitment to working collaboratively in the development of the Cities Reducing Poverty effort. Together, these cities/regions determined the following aspiration and path for moving forward.

Aspiration: IMAGINE…100 Cities….Reducing Poverty….Together

Vision: To create Vibrant Communities by significantly reducing the human, social and economic cost of poverty for Canadian cities.

Mission: We will create a connected learning community of 100 Canadian cities or regions with multi-sector roundtables addressing poverty reduction. Our goal is aligned poverty reduction strategies in cities, provinces and the federal government resulting in reduced poverty for 1 million Canadians.

Cities Reducing Poverty Charter