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“There are huge shocks rolling across the global economic landscape. Here are just a few. Food prices are skyrocketing. The financial system is melting down. Energy, of course, is more and more toxic, and costly. We are all, make no mistake, dancing on the precipice of economic cataclysm.

It is the obligation of radical innovators to create new value by solving these problems – or cede capital and resources to those who can.”

-Umair Haque, Author of The New Capitalist Manifesto


Poverty  affects all aspects of a community – all ages, genders, sectors and facets of our society. It is a complex problem that cannot be solved by any one sector alone. The cost of poverty is extremely high for Canadians; it has been estimated to range from $72 to $86 billion annually, and costs every individual over $2000 annually. Thus it is imperative that the approach to ending poverty is multi-sectorial, collaborative and brings together diverse minds to come up with innovative and dynamic solutions to the challenge.

The private sector can help to eradicate poverty in many ways, most significantly by using the bright minds and resources that exist within the sector to find dynamic and creative solutions to the problem.

The HPRT welcomes and invites our Halton business community to the table  to help  alleviate poverty. If you are interested in contributing and helping, you can do so in the one or more of the following ways:



facesContact us to attend one of our upcoming business outreach events.




Contact us to join our business advisory group. 



Donate to the HPRT through our convening agency the Oakville Community Foundation: Select the Halton Poverty Roundtable  in the Fund/Designation drop down menu.


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Learn more about how Poverty is effecting Canadians: Halton Poverty Reduction Forum, April 4, 2013

Opening Remarks by Marc Hamel, Co-Chair of the Halton Poverty Roundtable: The Economic Cost of Poverty.