About Us

Creation of the Roundtable

The Halton Poverty Roundtable (HPRT) was created as a result of several pivotal gatherings of community stakeholders. In June 2009 a gathering of concerned citizens, community and regional staff of Halton attended a three-day leadership event in Kitchener called: Reducing Poverty in Ontario – A Place-Based Approach. This inspired a local Halton Leadership Summit on Poverty Reduction in November 2010 that engaged participants from the business community, public sector, non-profit agencies, elected officials, faith groups and those with lived experience.

The feedback from this Leadership Summit provided the Terms of Reference for the creation of a Halton Poverty Roundtable.

Who we are – What we do

The Halton Poverty Roundtable (HPRT) is a collaborative multi-sector group comprised of volunteers who are committed to leveraging resources and partnerships to  eliminate poverty in Halton through education, greater community engagement, and collective impact. We believe poverty is the experience of a community member who is unable to fully participate  in community because they are denied access to the basic resources, means, choices, knowledge, and power necessary for self-sufficiency. The HPRT believes in the right of every person to live in good health and with dignity.

We are part of a larger national movement of collaborative initiatives called Tamarack’s Cities Reducing Poverty, whose mission is  “To create Vibrant Communities by significantly reducing the human, social and economic cost of poverty for Canadian cities”. With the intention of better coordinating poverty elimination efforts between sectors and groups, we have a broad spectrum of perspectives at the table. Representation includes community, business, education, labour, government, faith groups and people with the lived experience of poverty. It sometimes takes a great deal of insight and energy to solve a complex local problem such as poverty, crime, or environmental decline. Multisectoral collaboration strengthens a community’s capacity to address important issues by weaving together the skills, resources, networks and knowledge of the government, business, voluntary sectors and low-income leaders.  www.tamarackcommunity.ca