Poverty in Halton

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People who live in poverty in Halton are largely unseen and the stresses of their daily lives are not understood. Poverty affects one in then Halton Residents. There is little understanding, however of the issue of poverty in the community at large.

The Halton Poverty Roundtable (HPRT) is a collaborative multi-sector group comprised of volunteers who are committed to leveraging resources and partnerships to  eliminate poverty in Halton through education, greater community engagement, and collective impact. We believe poverty is the experience of a community member who is unable to fully participate  in community because they are denied access to the basic resources, means, choices, knowledge, and power necessary for self-sufficiency. The HPRT believes in the right of every person to live in good health and with dignity.



Among low-income family households about two-thirds (63%) spent half or more of their household income on shelter. As of December 31,2010, there were 2,140 eligible applicants on Halton Regions waiting lists for social housing.


Data from the Canadian Community Health Survey shows that in 2007 approximately 6,300 Halton households experienced food insecurity. In 2008, it was reported that for each month about 2,100 Halton households accessed one of the major food banks in the Region.


The Low Income Cut Off (LICO) is commonly used in Canada as an indicator of poverty. Based on 2006 census figures, 8.5% of Halton residents live below LICO. The number of low-income families in Halton has risen by over 40%