June 12th – Election Day Resources

The Ontario provincial election will take place on Thursday, June 12, 2014. Here are some helpful resources to get informed on the issues. Please share them, and don’t forget to vote!

  • CBC Vote Compass : By asking visitors to answer a series of questions on issues such as taxes, social assistance, multiculturalism, this site helps to reflect your stance based on your positions vis a vis those of the main political parties.
  • Income Security Advocacy Centre – Party Responses to Key Questions:

OW Related Questions Responses

ODSP Related Questions Responses

General Income Security Questions Responses

  • Halton Region Survey: Survey that was recently sent to all of the provincial candidates in Halton
  • Election Almanac: Offers complete coverage of federal, provincial and territorial elections in Canada

Voting holds politicians accountable

According to Community Development Halton, we had an average 51 per cent voter turnout rate across all four municipalities for the 2011 provincial election, While this was higher than the provincial average of 49 per cent, we are facing record lows in voter turnout.

With elections on the horizon, it got me thinking about what conversations we need to be having to reconnect citizens with one of the most important parts of our democracy, our right to vote.

Canadian social media strategist Rahaf Harfoush, who worked on the 2008 presidential campaign for then-incumbent Barack Obama, said this of the campaign’s focus: “For politicians who are looking to engage voters, the activities must go beyond election ramp up. If you want people to be involved you need to give them something valuable to be involved in.”

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